DnD Encounters: The Elder Elemental Eye, Firefly Games Lexington SC

Week 1

Last night was the first night of actual gaming! We had 2 first time players show up so they played 2 of the pre-generated characters. Both players has experience with WoW so I was able to easily relate that these characters could do to their experiences with the MMORPG. 4e takes a lot of heat for having some themes simular to World of Warcraft but is that a bad thing? Electronic gaming has a much larger fan base than pen and paper gaming. Is it so wrong to try to attract those players?

Anyway, for this season of encounters, I’m trying a couple of strategies to to speed up combat. The first is I have a laptop at the gaming table. Usually I go play music during a gaming session to set a mood but before last night I just used my phone with external speakers. Now it just run iTunes, access my campaign notes via dropbox and pull relevant information from this site. :) Secondly, I am trying out the program 4e Turn Tracker. The learning curve is kinda steep but it is a fairly customizable encounter creator and initiative tracker. You can even import any monster in the standard 4e stat block format as a simple copy and paste. Most importantly for me, it will track hit points and damage taken. I suck at math. Finally, another trick I’m trying is when I announce who’s turn it is in initiative, I let the next person in the order know they are on deck. This way, they have some time to figure out what their character is going to do.



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