DnD Encounters: The Elder Elemental Eye, Firefly Games Lexington SC

Week 2

Before I ran the second week of encounters, we helped the two new players create their own characters. Welcome to Alaric and Zaralara !

This week I tried using paper miniatures to represent enemies during combat. I’ve used many different types of bits and piece to represent the bad guys in combat. Here’s a list of what I’ve tried with the advantages and disadvantages each type of token.

Plastic/metal miniatures:
Advantages: look really cool, great to hang status conditions on (I mainly use rings from soda bottles, but I’ll post about my system later), really get players attention
Disadvantages: price, may be hard to find a miniature that matches the monster you are using, miniature painting is time consuming and a hobby in itself, can be a pain to transport

Other game pieces (chessmen, wood blocks, dice)
Advantages: readily available, great to hang status conditions on, cheap
Disadvantages: not very immersive, plays say “I attack the d6” instead of “I attack the goblin”

Advantages: cheap, easy to transport, very customizable
Disadvantages: hard to move around, hard to apply status effects

Paper minis
Advantages: cheap, customizable, easy to apply status effects, can be purchased
Disadvantages: Requires knowledge of photoshop/Gimp to really customize, a pain to transport, easily tipped over unless a coin is taped to the bottom.

I’m going to try using paper minis again tonight in another campaign I’m running. Maybe I’ll do a more detailed post with pictures later… stay tuned.



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