DnD Encounters: The Elder Elemental Eye, Firefly Games Lexington SC

Week 3

So, we had the first character death last night. It was a tough encounter, the bad guys got a jump on the heroes and the dice got hot. I believe I’ve killed more PC’s in 4e than any other rpg I’ve ran. I wonder if the system is more deadly or if it’s me. I’ve gotten older and maybe more surly >:). I also prefer to DM 4e and have had much longer campaigns so maybe longer campaigns may equal more deaths.
For the DnD Encounters program, character death has special rules. When a character dies, the play may play the character the next session but the character is down 4 healing surges. If the player chooses to create a new character, that character starts at the same experience and the deceased character. The advantage seems to be to create a new character. The rules do seem to take the sting out of death but Encounters is targeted at newer players so I can see why the decision to handle character was done this way.
DM’s out there, how do you handle character death?



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