DnD Encounters: The Elder Elemental Eye, Firefly Games Lexington SC

Week 5

Large groups

So for encounters this week, I had a larger than average group (Which is kinda funny because last week there was a smaller than average group). 4e suggests the optimal number of PC’s 5, which is one more than previous editions/spinoffs. Last night, I had 7. Large groups are more difficult to keep everyone engaged during combat as a player may not get a turn but once every 10 minutes. The DM has to be more aware of the signs of player boredom and try to pull the player back into the action. A surprise attack or a quick change in monster tactics usually work for me. In extreme cases, change the battlefield. Maybe there is a volcano eruption and the battlefield is now filled with deadly lava and poisonous gas. Maybe an innocent villager wanders into the fray and is now in mortal danger. Maybe one of the monsters surrenders or offers to change sides for a reward. The possibilities are endless.



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