Easting Plague (Week 1)

The heroes were recruited by Lady Bron and the merchants guild of Iriaedor to investigate and neutralize an outbreak of the abyssal plague in the village of Easting. The plague is spread through food, water and contact with the infected. Those who are infected, develop oozing sores, blisters and crimson crystal-like veins in the skin. About half survive the infection, a quarter die. The remaining quarter are slowly transformed into plague demons. These demons, blind with fury then attack others spreading the disease.

After a short trip, the heroes arrive in Easting to find the village gates closed and locked. Once the gates are bypassed, the heroes find the village completely empty and quite. They investigate a burned building. It is very evident that someone was sealed inside and the building was set afire. Five fresh graves are outside the charred building. In the town square, the heroes find a makeshift altar to Talona with a sacrificed cat. The heroes spot movement behind the tavern and find 3 villagers, a squire named Hendar and 2 farmers. At first the villagers are cautiously aggressive. Once the party explains who they are, they are directed to Father Evendur and Sir Arveen.

The heroes find the two village leaders in the temple to Chauntea arguing about what to do with the 7 infected villagers. After introductions, the heroes are taken to the barn where the villagers are quarantined. Unfortunately some of the villagers have been turned and attack! The party is also attacked by a shadowy dwarf they Father Evendur identifies as Jakarin. During the fight, one of the non-transformed villagers is killed by a demon and Vlad is infected. The demons are slain and Jakarin is captured. The heroes find enough residuum for Father Evendur to enact the cure disease ritual on one person. The party chooses Sir Arveen.

As a reward, each hero is given a potion of healing and one hero is given Sir Arveen’s safewing amulet.

Easting Plague (Week 1)

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